Are you done with people

pleasing and being

walked over?

"I want to inspire and help

women to live the lives they

are meant to live – confident in

their self-worth and free from

doubt, fear or feelings of judgement."

I have been there too

I have experienced it

I have done it

"I was constantly suffering from the feeling of not being good enough, what created severe anxiety and depressive feelings among the other mental and physical issues I had. I felt that I was failing at life, and nothing i did offered a lasting solution to my problems. I wish I knew then how to find those answers, I wish I had realised sooner that I did not need "fixing" and instead of spending years to find practical tools how to to feel good in my skin would have had someone show me what can be applied to get there."

About Amanda

Dr. Amanda Tambuyser, esteemed in the field of sciences, distinctively moulds her personal trials and professional prowess into a coaching technique designed to not to only reshape mindsets, but make an impactful and lasting change consciously and subconsciously.

Grappling with a complex upbringing by a narcisist, she navigated through a multitude of therapeutic methods for more than a decade, eventually recognising that therapy alone will not give the results that she was seeking for. Stuck in a vicious circle and frustration of not moving forward to find the inner peace and solutions to her problems, Amanda intensely immersed into searching for answers and combining different techniques to achieve her set out path to end the vicious cycle of constant anxiety, health issues, mood swings, and constantly feeling unworthy and like a total failure.

Her coaching methodology is influenced by her personal experiences as well as various modalities within therapeutic and coaching worlds as well as coaching with esteemed Michael Serwa and studying the work of other well known specialists. Amanda effectively peels back the layers of mental barriers that obstruct inner self love and personal growth. Her prime discovery lies in a self-discovered potent technique called modern Evidence-Based Integrative Transformation coaching (EbIT) that frees individuals from self-doubt's grasp and instils enhanced self-esteem. Her unique approach pivots on lasting happiness and fulfilment, providing a transformative journey, where people pleasing ends and self love begins.

Cognizant that traditional therapy may lack in merging deeply seated negative experiences to achieve effective inner change that integrates the now and does not purely focus on the past, Dr. Amanda leans into her approach, unequivocally committed to leaving an indelible impact on those she coaches. Her mission to facilitate lasting change underscores her vision of liberation from self-doubt and fulfilled living.

"After so many years of trial and error and finally finding my answers, I felt I was destined to inspire and help others with struggles alike. My method was born through a deep seated desire to help myself and others feel permanently better and start enjoying life, it is too short to hate it."

Are you ready to reignite your self love and passion for life?


Dr. Amanda Tambuyser is a certified Trauma-informed coach with the following specialties:

PhD in sciences

Certified master life coach

Certified Trauma informed coach

Neurolinguistic practitioner

REBT accredited practitioner

CBT accredited practitioner

Positive intelligence

Trauma informed
REBT Practitioner
CBT practitioner

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