Reclaiming Your confidence

and Self-worth starts here

Are you ready to discover and embrace the

unique and amazing version of your true self?

Do you feel like you lost yourself and want to stop

existing and start living?

Connect with yourself

Create a lasting confidence

Find clarity

Find happiness

Live life true to yourself and your full potential

My coaching is bespoke and designed around you.

Explore my programme and what

can you achieve in your transformation

Realize and dismantle Your

mental and emotional blocks

Become aware of the negative self-talk

and how it impacts your self-worth

Boost Your confidence

and self esteem

Conquer deep-seated fears, such as

failure or not being good enough

Discover who you really are

Reignite self-love and learn

to operate from within and

listen to your gut

Improve Your mental

heath and fitness

Master tools and techniques for immediate

and long-term change, stop putting yourself

down and self-sabotage

Get rid of negative feelings

and unhelpful emotional patterns

Have deep rooted control over

how you feel and think about yourself

and situations around you

Pursue your ambition

without self-imposed


Achieve overall happiness,

improve your relationship with

yourself and other


Discover what others have experienced

Is this for me?

You feel that you have mental, emotional, physical blocks

You feel overwhelmed, you doubt yourself or you lost belief in yourself

You feel overwhelmed, stressed or demotivated

You probably tried therapy or coaching and did not get the result you were looking for

You know deep inside that you could do better, but there is a feeling that something is holding you back

Who is it NOT for?

Individuals who are not ready for change

Those not open to a transformative process based on mindset development and a blend of scientifically proven techniques.

Those not open to make the effort


If we both feel that we are a good fit, this is what you can expect from our journey together:

Unleash your True self worth

Deep dive into inner and outer transformation

What you receive*

  • 8 weekly coaching sessions

  • Individualised exercises

  • Personalised assessment of self

  • Continuous WhatsApp support, every day 24/7

  • Assessment of imposed self-limitations

  • Workbook

  • Guided coping strategies and tools


  • Confidence and belief in yourself

  • Improved well-being

  • Improved sense of self

  • Healthy boundaries with others

  • Practical tools to deal with symptoms

  • Start to feel being good enough

  • Strength and ability to stand up for yourself

Do you want to experience what is it like working with me?

A complimentary consultation is your opportunity for a direct experience of working with me

* For returning clients there are other options, please contact for more information

About Amanda

Inspired by her own personal struggles, journey through searching, learning and a Ph.D. in sciences, Amanda Tambuyser developed a unique approach with powerful techniques that enable women to break free from people pleasing, being walked over and overwhelmed.

Amanda is passionate about guiding women towards confidence through finding their self worth. Her clients find themselves operating from the inner self with lasting happiness and fulfilment.

Based on her modern Evidence-Based Integrative Transformation (EbIT) techniques, Amanda specialises in addressing core beliefs, mindset to create a lasting change in self perception, addresses anxious feelings, overwhelm, burn-out and other negative symptoms.

NLP Pracitioner
CBT Practitioner
REBT Practitioner

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